Brightening the sky
Brightening the sky

Arisen from love, peace & unity

Zephyr II is the second hot air balloon by Tomorrowland, arisen to connect the People of Tomorrow from all over the world.

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Take it to the skies with a magical balloon flight and create wonderful memories together with your friends or family.

Includes a comprehensive briefing before take-off, a professional guidance team, Solo Vida Sparkling wine, and a special Zephyr II flight certificate to conclude your adventure.


First generation
Height: 32m
Capacity: 3 Professionals or Stuntmen
Unique Tomorrowland Icon shape


Second generation
Height: 28m
Capacity: 8 People of Tomorrow
Unique Tomorrowland Flag design
Panoramic Floor
Global bookings
Arisen from


ZEPHYR is the hot air balloon by Tomorrowland, a global phenomenon and one of the biggest social gatherings of music lovers in the world.